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Convivium. Alimentare la cultura (Convivium. Feed the culture) Genoa, Italy, Spazio46 in Palazzo Ducale 2016

opening 9th September at 6 pm

opening times: 3.30 - 7.00 pm from tuesday to sunday

Monochrome Moon 2, 100 x 100cm., pigment for confectionary decorations on canvas 2016

The work Monochrome Moon 2 belongs to a sequence of works lacking in materials applied on canvas, shared format, subject and technique: moons painted using tonal variations of a single color. In this case, the paint synchronism tones down from yellow to orange in the natural tones of the saffron and it is offered from the employment of a pigment for confectionary decorations.


Full-day Art production rentals

Buy or offer the daily art production by a contemporary artist! On the store of Davide Ragazzi's website you can find the option FULL-DAY ART PRODUCTION RENTALS. He will work only for you or for the person to whom you will offer the option. And all his daily art production will be granted to a very affordable price.

An interesting new lines to satisfy the buyers and to extend the art contemporary market to a great number of new buyers. The formula allow the artist to hold a dialogue with old and new collectors and also allow people to approach the creative process in contemporary art. 

With a single purchase people can fit out a wall or an entire room at home and make a sure investment.

The italian artist Davide Ragazzi remember us that when we're choosing to buy a work of art we begin a deep dialogue between us and who created the work.      

We chose to buy something to love and welcoming in his creative process the artist teach us to love the works of art.

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