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opening time: 4 p.m - 6 p.m; from 9th to 23rd december 2018

special events: 9th, 15th, 23rd december SHOW PAINTING free

every day TEA BREAK free

Genoa, Italy, Via Fieschi 23/4, 16121


Every day, the people present will know and understand all the phases of creating an artwork. During the SHOW PAINTING days the public will see demonstrations of painting, will be able to define some conceptual choises together the artist and so contribute to a new artwork. It will be possible to buy or commission an artwork and discover the special prices of services available in the art store. The Gift stop is above all an opportunity to partecipate in a performative event, learn, be touched, relax, enter an artist’s creative space and share emotions with other people enriching each other


AVAILABLE 50 free vouchers of services or consulting at Davide Ragazzi Art Store, chosen from the following:

1 art coaching service

…to improve your artistic career

1 service of proofreading & editing for your website content

…for your website content, your article & blog posts or any form of your creative writing on web

1 mini tour with art history lesson

…”Let’so go and see a materpiece in a museum in Genoa”


Before tracling painting on canvas, I often make a preliminary study on paper. The canvas is a complex and expensive material and sometimes, it can inhibit gestural expressiveness. The best results are obtained by facing the canvas after having made several tests onpaper, a material that gives the possibility to be faster and to verify the pictorial project in the details

Gift stop 001.jpg

small format artworks will be on sale for € 40.00 each (24x30 cm format) and € 50.00 each (30x30 cm format) only until the closing of the gift stop, scheduled for Sunday 23rd December


For visitors not residing in Genoa, it will be possible to reserve a free parking space. For information please fill out the contact form below

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Check the free parking reservation date of your visit