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In my works there are many images of the Earth and the Moon. The planets are inspiration sources and expressive subjects for a personal thought: the metaphor of a fantastic journey that becomes visual reality in the nervous and instinctive gesture of my painting and in the layering of various elements and materials.

Ancient manuscripts and mathematical calculations; poetic or literary texts, prayers, sentences; travels memories. All these elements, coming from the past and today, that I use in original or in copy, manipulated through modern technologies, help me to represent this journey and to project my art in the future.

The use of transparent materials, like plexiglass or acetate sheet, that often I use together, is also functional to invent a personal language connected to a process of rarefaction and symbolization. Solvents and glues become colour and watery material in a liquefied vision, an abstract concept.

In the installations, I explore the mutual relation among the sculptural and the painted dimension. I use the light of neon or led to dilate the paint in the space, looking for the time dimension.

After the plan of my works, the executive process runs usually through four phases. In the beginning there is the choose of a text and its transformation; the words became graphical reason or luminous and chromatic source; I decide an order for the story on the canvas or upon the modules; I choose the support and print the images on acetate sheets or paper.  This first phase is conceptual, photographic and digital. 

The second phase is the painting. From my personal image archives I choose the images for the work. I prepare the support, if I use paper on canvas. Then, I paint the images using glaze, oil or acrylic colours. 

In the third phase I make the frame, if the work is a traditional painting. In case of installation, I realize the modular structures and the electric light plant or oversee the job of specialistic company, when the plan need it.

In the last phase I install the work in site or direct the installation crew.